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Brainspotting: Therapy At Warp Speed

Type of Therapy:

Brain Based


Brainspotting (BSP) is a novel way to access the brain’s intrinsic capacity to heal. It combines the strengths of neurobiology, somatic therapy, and talk therapy into one powerful technique. This brain based therapy quickly addresses issues that talk therapy may take years to heal

What is a brainspot? A brainspot is the place in the brain where a traumatic experience is stored. It is correlated with a specific eye position and with disruptive & distressing feelings in the body. A brainspot can be located by determining the eye position in the visual field that resonates with the distressing feelings/emotional activation in the body.

The brainspot holds undigested aspects of a trauma that were physiologically over-whelming and had to be pushed out of awareness at the time the trauma occurred. The client’s attunement to the brainspot enables the client to take in and re-process disturbing material that was previously blocked. The traumatic memory is then “reset” and can be recalled without distress or dysphoria.

Example of Treatment:

During a BSP session, the patient identifies a troubling issue and is encouraged to notice the feelings it creates in the body. As the patient thinks about the issue and notices associated body feelings, the therapist slowly moves a wand at eye level from one side of the patient’s visual field to the other.

As the patient tracks the wand, tiny reflex movements in the eyes (e.g. blinks) or in the body (e.g. jerks, quivers, or slight tremors) indicate the particular spot where the problem is fixed in the brain. The patient is asked to focus on that visual spot where the reflex occurred, and the processing begins. The patient is then led to mindfully observe uncritically his own internal processes such as emotions, thoughts, and the felt sense in the body.

As the session progresses, the disturbing aspects of the memory decrease and adaptive beliefs about oneself strengthen. By the end of the treatment, the trauma is no longer upsetting

BSP Successfully Treats:

Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, physical or sexual abuse, trauma, artistic blocks, athletic blocks, etc. Brainspotting is very versatile and can be used to ameliorate many common psychological problems.

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If you would like to see this therapy explained by it’s founder, David Grand, on You-Tube: watch this video.

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